Analysis Of A Turkish Leader: Fatih Terim

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Analysis of a Turkish LeaderFatih Terim is one of the most successful footballers and trainers in Turkey. He is the current coach of the Turkish national team. He was born on September 4, 1953 in Adana, Turkey into a poor family, he attended a vocational high school but soon dropped out of school to play soccer.In 1969 Terim's professional football career began as a junior player with Adana Demirspor. Because of financial difficulties, he was the only player in the team who was being secretly paid by the club at the time. Within three years, he became captain of the team. He recalls his first game with the captain badge: "Just before the game, I cheered up my teammates, as a captain has to do, and ran out to the field. As I looked back on the field, no one was behind me. I was so fast that nobody could follow me. I was so excited." Terim played 6 more years with Adana Demirspor.As a successful central defender he joined Galatasaray SK in 1974 and played for 11 years for this team. However, during his time with Galatasaray, the club was not able to win the championship trophy in the Turkish league. Terim was called to the Turkish national team 51 times, from 1984 to 1995, and was the team captain for 35 national matches, establishing the national record for both categories.After he retired from playing soccer, he worked as the coach of MKE Ankaragücü for two years and at the soccer club Göztepe in İzmir for one year. He was appointed coach of the Turkish national team in 1993. Three years later, the Turkish national team succeeded in qualifying for the final tournament of the Euro '96 under his leadership. Although the national team didn't exactly perform well (losing all the games, and not being able to score a single goal), the feat was hailed as a great achievement for Turkish soccer. After the tournament, Fatih Terim signed a contract with Galatasaray. Under his management Galatasaray won the championship in the Turkish league for four successive years. Crowning his achievements with the huge success of winning the UEFA Cup in 2000 making him the most successful Galatasaray manager ever, he has become a legend for both Galatasaray and Turkish soccer. After this success big clubs like Real Madrid, AC Milan and FC Barcelona were chasing after Terim. But Terim disregarded all the offers to get a transfer to ACF Fiorentina, Italy.Fiorentina fans love Terim mostly because he changed the team and beat the likes of Milan (4-0) and held Juventus to a (3-3) thrilling draw, he also beat Milan 4-2 on aggregate to reach the final of the Coppa Italia. Players like Rui Costa, Nuno Gomes and Francesco Toldo cited Terim as an excellent manager. He is still in the hearts of Fiorentina fans and he is often linked back to the club from Firenze. When Fiorentina had to let him go because of financial difficulties, he was named the coach of AC Milan. He was also instrumental in bringing Rui Costa and Umit Davala to the club.He transformed AC...

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