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In today's world of advertisement ads for similar products are directed at different groups of people, depending on which magazine you find them in. For instance if were to look in ESPN magazine for example those ads would be aimed more towards men and teenage boys. If you were to look in Cosmopolitan magazine those ads would be aimed towards women. When manufacturers come up with different ads for different groups of people it allows for that product to appeal to a wider array of people. There are many aspects of these ads a company could change to do so, such as the scene in which the product appears, as well as the atmosphere that the ad shows. This can be seen by simple opening any two magazines and looking at ads for similar products such as alcoholic beverages. Two ads that can be compared in order to show this are an Absolut Vodka ad from Cosmopolitan and the other an ad for Tequila from ESPN.In the center of the first ad which I got from Cosmopolitan magazine, appears an Absolut Vanilla flavored Vodka bottle. The bottle has a white frosted look about it with gray writing. The words Absolut and Vanilla are in a bold like font, underneath this appears a description of the alcoholic drink in a thinner more elegant font. Underneath the bottle it self appears the phrase "Absolut Winter", in white outlined block-letters. All these aspects draw in the readers' attention because they stand out against the background of this ad. Having the product being advertised in an ad stand out is something simple that is aimed towards all groups. The bottle of Absolut is placed upon a wooden table with a glass to either side filled with a mixture of iced tea and Absolut; both glasses also have what seem to be the perfect ice cubes in them. Also on the edges of the ad you can see skiing and snowboarding equipment. Behind the bottle you can see out the window of a winter lodge. Outside of this window you can see a very wintry and snowy scene with mountains and a slope for both skiing and snowboarding. In the window to the right of the bottle there appears a reflection of a fire place. All these aspects of a ski lodge and the image of the fire place in the window give this ad a very cozy feeling about it. All of which would make you think of enjoying the winter inside, which is the saying that appears at the top of the ad, "Celebrate winter inside." This ad because of the warm setting would be aimed towards someone who enjoys going upstate to cozy ski lodges on the weekends and enjoying themselves along with a significant other. Having simple aspects such as the wintry scene and the reflection of the fire place would also aim this ad towards this group of people who in joy skiing and ski lodges because these are all surrounds they are use to. If someone is quickly flipping threw a magazine and their eye was to catch sight of a picture that shows surroundings they are use to and enjoy greatly they are...

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Analysis Of Visual Text

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