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Analysis Of Advertisement

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Analysis of Advertisement

The first advert is of 'L'Oreal', is evidently publicizing an item for
coloured hair. It is a famous and an eminent company, that aims to
sell its' wide range of products to women who are sophisticated,
intellectual and interested in fashion, and who also probably have a
high disposable income.

The brand name takes up about 15% of the advert, which highlights its
importance. 'L'OREAL' is written in large bold, block letters so as to
familiarize the customer with the brand name immediately. The capital
city, 'Paris' is written on the bottom line of 'L' in 'L'OREAL' and
underneath the brand is the term 'PROFESSIONNEL', bold and white
against a jet black background. It is spelt in French which again,
emphasizes the significance of the country it originates from, and in
this case, France. France is known to be the capital of cosmetics and
beauty. The company is clearly shining light onto this fact so
customers are more encouraged and lured on to buy the item.

Below is the phrase "The greatest hairdressers use a unique hair care
system for colored hair". It is in bold and is spaced out across the
page, taking up two entire lines. This is done to catch the customer's
eye. "Greatest" and "unique" add to the effect and persuade the
customer that their products are indeed the best, and one of their
kind. This strongly encourages the customer to buy the product.

Below the phrase, is an image of the product. It is apparently
enlarged, so as to glow out its significance. The silver cap and the
bronze skin of the product shine out from the beige background. "Don't
leave the salon without it" is almost like a command to the customers
to buy the product. It is as big as the phrase above it which shows
that it is just as imperative. Light is reflecting off the bottle,
livening up the image and making it seem more genuine. The brand is
once again displayed to the customer at the top of the bottle. The
read lettering beneath it is vibrant and seems to be the only rich
color in the whole advert. The bottle seems to be floating in mid-air,
which further reinforces the idea of power. This idea of power is what
almost hypnotizes the customer into buying the product, making them
perceive that after the usage of the product, they will indeed become

"Your hairdresser will tell you: 'colored hair needs extra care to
stay beautiful'" At this point they are very confident and have
convinced the customer, which blows away any doubts they may have.
When they say 'will' it seems as if they know what they're talking
about. The text beneath the quote is relatively small and plain. The
continuous use of 'you' and 'your' makes the advert seems more
personal as if the advert is intended towards the customer themselves,
and not to an entire bunch of readers. 'Serie...

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