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Analysis Of Amgen’s Acquisition Of Biovex

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1. Description of products and technology. Include a discussion of what the acquired company had that made it an attractive target.
Amgen, since 1980 is one of the best biotechnological companies to bring safest and effective therapies in medicine. It has been proved as a pioneer because of the flawless remedies being provided for Bone Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer and Kidney related diseases (, 2014). The pipeline of Amgen is very broad and is proven to be very potential and effective to the treatments. Major contributors of the product pipeline are protein based and are mainly cancer treating ailments. Apart from the above said categories Amgen also manufactures medicines for Metabolic disease, Inflammatory disease and Osteoporosis.
According to a report generated by analysts, the sale of cancer related medicines was 84 billion dollars in 2012 and cancer drugs could be the highest contributors among pharmaceutical drugs by 2018 (Amgen Acquires Key Cancer Treament drug). Being Headquartered in San Francisco, Amgen’s products are currently being marketed reliably in about 50 other countries. The main pathways by which the company drives are Bio cellular Science and Medicinal chemistry which are specifically useful in identifying and sequential work on the target. Amgen is engineering in novel technologies like recombinant DNA technology and molecular biology. With its subsidiary, deCODE which is a specifically dedicated to human genetics Amgen is exploring the new horizons in gene therapy (Industry Center - Biotechnology).
Biovex is a private biotechnology firm based in Woburn, Massachusetts. Though the products in the pipeline of this company are only a few, the success rate and the need of those drugs in the market is very high. The first product OncoVEX (GM-CSF) currently is being tested for effectiveness towards melanoma, head & neck, breast cancer in Phase- III studies (Amgen News Releases, 2011). All the results were positive and this product is currently being monitored for metastatic melanoma and some phase – II tests to show that OncoVEX (GM-CSF) is superior to other available therapies in the market.
The second product is ImmunoVEX, expected to treat genital herpes is under developmental stages. This product is reported to be in clinical stages in United Kingdom. Biovex is said to be a product of two late stage investments known as Harris and Harris portfolio and Metabolon (Amgen/BioVex Another Positive Catalyst for Harris & Harris, 2011).
2. Strengths and weakness of both companies at time of acquisition.
After acquiring the Biovex, the name of its product Oncovex was renamed as talimogene laherparepvec. In their experimental trial on new cancer treatment, Amgen subjected 16 patients to clinical trial Phase-III and Amon those who had received the virus, most of the patients got rid of the virus because of the shrinkage and potential activity of the talimogene. Amgen’s R&D chief Perlmutter was very much...

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