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The Chichimeca Wars have been a major role in the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs. The wars or mini battles between the two sides occurred 1550-1590, after much of the new colony of Mexico had already been established. The Spanish ended up engaging in the longest and most expensive conflict they ever had with Indigenous people. The wars started after the land in which the tribe lived was found to be abundant in silver ore and led to the Spanish establishing mines. The Spanish government adopted a policy of “War of Fire and Blood” which meant the death and enslavement, as well as mutilation of the Chichimeca people. The policy had no effect and failed, instead they decided to make peace with the natives was a better option. The Spanish called this process “peace by purchase”. The Spanish learned from the Chichimeca Wars how to effectively deal with native populations that are resistant to the Spanish settling in the future. This stand by the Chicimeca people is significant to the conquering of the Aztecs as it was one of the last attempts made by a native group to stand up against the invaders that were the Spanish colonizing Mexico.
Overall the article on the Chichimeca Wars is reliable in providing details about the subject. All the major points do have citations from reliable and trustworthy sources, and contains some sources that are scholarly. Trusting the accuracy of information on is a very difficult task. Were too much personal opinion, the article becomes untrustworthy and a source people cannot use. For example the culture section of the Wikipedia page seems to be most reliable section of the page in contrast to the result where the page claims the Indians to be the victors. According to Wikipedia on how its articles are written is that it mostly contains no original research, has a neutral point of view and the information presented is verifiable. Wikipedia has become a source for general information since it uses scholarly sources, provides citations regarding significant information about a subject, but can tend to base its articles on one source making it seem untrustworthy as well as claims not based on facts making it every now and then unreliable.
One of the first issues that the article has is who the rightful victor of the battle was. The page says that the Native Americans won the battle. However, from Powell’s book he claims that is no clear winner. Neither side acquired exactly what they wanted from the other group, so how could a victory be claimed for the Indians? Or the Spanish? Both parties settled for something. The Indians settled with having the Spanish mine their lands and the Spanish now dealt with providing food, tools, and other commodities to the natives. So instead of saying the battle ended in a victory for the Indians, a truce would be more of a correct result. Along with this claim the article made, there is no supporting evidence provided is to back up the conclusion of a victory for the Chichimecan’s....

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