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Analysis Of Asian Paints Limited

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Asian Paints Limited is an Indian chemicals company which manufactures a wide range of paints for decorative and industrial use. Its vision is “to become one of the top five decorative coatings companies world-wide by leveraging its expertise in the higher growth emerging markets. Simultaneously, the company intends to build long term value in the industrial coatings business through alliances with established global partners.”2
Asian Paints is Asia’s third largest paint company, with a turnover of Rs 109.70 billion. Besides Asian Paints, the group operates around the world through its subsidiaries Berger International Limited, Apco Coatings, SCIB Paints and Taubmans. Company uses raw materials like Pigments, Extenders & Minerals, Additives, Monomers, Solvents, Oils, Orthoxylene and Resins to manufacture decorative paints, industrial coatings and ancillaries. In addition to its Asian paints brand, its brand portfolio includes Ace & Apex, Apcolite, Apex, Apex Ultima, Asian Paints, Colour Next, Premium Gloss Enamel, Royale, Royale Play, Touchwood, Tractor Emulsion, Utsav. Being a leader in the paint industry, it has pushed new concepts in India like Colour Worlds, Home Solutions, Colour Next, and Kids’ World. Company has been leader in the Decorative paints segment for over decades and now aims at being leader in Home Improvement along with Décor by striking a balance between profitability, social responsibility and improved customer experience.

Asian Paints has fostered a customer-centric approach to business. A simple but unbeatable concept of "going where the customer is" drives all their retail strategies.2 It has taken initiatives to improve customer centricity, increase the number of dealer tinting systems, introduction of new products, expansion of dealer network, increase in exports, focus on protective and industrial coating segments and improve service level to minimise loss of sale due to stock outs. It provides dealership contracts (franchise) and also operates by directly providing services to customers to paint their homes by sending AP trained contractors for wood finishing, water proofing and adding special effects to home walls. Most of the retail stores are located in high traffic and high visibility areas including residential areas.

In past five years, 2009 through 2013, company adopted following strategy to grow in Home Improvement and Décor Segment:
• Educated customer and salesman on colour and décor.
• Opened Signature Store “Colour” in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata to provide inspiration to families while they are in the process of designing their dream home by fuelling their spirit of experimentation.
• Expanded its network of ‘Colour Ideas’, colourworld (colour consultancy service) and colournext (magazine for architects and interior...

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