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Analysis Of Bhangra Dance, Doundoumba Dance And Chines Fan Dance

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Dancing is one of the most creative art forms that many people enjoy watching. We live in a world full of diversity. This is one of the most beautiful things. It is the fact that we do not see the same thing everywhere we turn. Every dance around the world has a unique story to tell through its music, movements, and lyrics. One can find similarities amongst different dances. Today I will be describing and analyzing three different dance forms using the Feldman Model. These dance forms are Bhangra from India, Doundoumba from West Africa, and Chinese Fan Dance from China.
Identification and Description:
The Bhangra dance style visually seemed to be a celebratory dance. Throughout the dance, performers maintained joyful expressions. The music consisted of drum beats and male and female vocals. Similarly, the music for the Doundoumba dance style had continuous drum beats. On the contrary, there were no vocals, just music. The male dancers exhibited tough expressions. Visually, the Chinese fan dance was tranquil. It was different from Bhangra and Doundoumba. The music was composed using string instruments. Female vocals were incorporated with the music.
Costumes worn by Bhangra dancers were bright blue for the guys and hot pink for the girls. Guys had on a headpiece that looked like a fan. A scarf was draped over the girls’ hair. The Doundoumba costumes for the men were minimal, as they had no shirts on. They wore what looked like a small float around their upper arm. Costumes for both Bhangra and Doundoumba were flowy. Chinese Fan dancers had on a tight blouse with loose pants. Their outfit was white and blue in color. Bhangra and Doundoumba dancers performed barefoot, while Chinese Fan dancers wore socks. The stage lighting for Bhangra and Chinese Fan dance was bright, while it was dim for Doundoumba. Both Doundoumba and Chinese Fan dance had a backdrop. There was a sunset for Doundoumba dance and a sky for the Chinese Fan dance. The clip showed a total of twelve Bhangra dancers, six men and six ladies. There were eight female Chinese Fan dancers. I was not able to get a count for Doundoumba dancers because there were many. Analysis:
The Bhangra dance style was extremely energetic with springing movements. The music was fast-paced and some movements had repetition. I saw a lot of horizontal arm movements, clapping hands, and bent knee movements. The twelve dancers got into straight line formations and groups of three. All of the dancers had synchronized arm and leg movements for the most part. A lot of stage space was covered because of the different formations and traveling movements. American music played for a few seconds between song transitions. I felt that they were trying to match movements according to the lyrics. For example, there was a part that went “wake up” in English and they formed a circle and did arm movements representing a clock.
Similarly, the Doundoumba dance style had energetic movements. The dance...

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