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Analysis Of "Briar Rose" By Jane Yolen And Linking It To Poetry By Peter Skrzynecki

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Title: Briar RoseCreator/ Composer: Jane YolenPublished: Tom Doherty Associates, November 1993Text Type: NovelSource: LibrarySummary: A young woman, Rebecca, promises her dying grandmother that she will uncover her past, as she believes she is Briar Rose. Resultantly she becomes intent on honouring her word and begins thoroughly examining every lead, despite objections from family, she continues on in respect for her grandmother.Following a tarnished paper trail Rebecca is lead towards the story of a woman she no longer recognises as her grandmother, but an unknown refugee called 'princess'.Rebecca travels to Poland to find her Grandmothers last known address, but in search of Gemma's fairy tale castle she besieged by the realisation of the holocaust. Whilst speaking with a survivor of the time Rebecca realises that not only did he know Gemma, but he was the Prince she always spoke of. Josef began retelling his experiences and emotions of the time, he had escaped from his camp by luck, and joined two partisan groups and while exploring different areas amongst a mass grave they find a young woman, Gemma. Gemma falls in love with one men and they are married, sadly soldiers had later ambushed them and killed all but Josef and Gemma. Now Rebecca had uncovered the secrets of her Grandmother she returns home knowing eventually the story ended happily ever after.AnalysisBriar Rose talks of many aspects of physical journey, being based around this one woman's journey to honour her grandma's wishes, there are many emotional and physical changes that occur as a result of the journey and not just to Rebecca.The novel also uses a wide range of techniques to convey this message.The novel expresses how others react to the idea of a physical journey. Rebecca had sworn to solve the mystery but when she realises there is actually questions left to be answered she becomes increasingly determined. Rebecca's nature, being a reporter, is one that is undaunted by challenge and has the determination to carry the task through to the end, regardless of what it takes, she sees this journey as a challenge that she shall conquer.This is shown in contrast with her sister's reaction of disparagement and pessimism, which is in line with their characters throughout the novel. The two other sisters are shown to be vain, abrupt and cold, "Why couldn't she of died in Florida, like your father?"This displays that the physical journey promotes a range of emotions to surface mainly dependent the individual's personality.It is made clear through the novel that Gemma, the Grandmother, has always been there and cared for the 3 young children and that she has always had a very special, strong bond with the youngest, Rebecca, " 'You always understand' said Gemma" (p97) and the devotion she shows as her Grandmother ages is another testament to her love. Through her Grandmothers death Rebecca loses her not only physically but also emotionally as she feels she never really knew her as the...

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