Analysis Of Characters Symbolizing Light And Darkness

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Literature enlightens us with topics such as light and darkness that represents good and bad morality. Light and darkness are common themes that relate to questions about human nature. In the age of Christianity, God is always pertaining to light representing goodness and the Devil is in association with darkness, representing the evil. (This is why this theme is so popular and common among fantasy and literature) It is the reason why it is popular and common in fantasy literature. It is the universal theme that relates to the aspects of the world we know and even the realm of our imaginations that go beyond the existing reality. (For example, dreams do not need to reflect real life, rather ...view middle of the document...

Death is typically avoided and feared in order to emphasize the striving for life and therefore the night which puts people to sleep can be seen as immoral. Additionally, Tolkien uses the symbolism of night and day in The Hobbit, to show the significance of Gandalf as a righteous figure of light.

Gandalf is presented as a wise saint that is a part of the respectable side of the hero. This is shown from his ability to defeat the trolls through bringing in sunlight to destroy the enemy. An example of this is when Gandalf states, “Dawn take you all, and be stone to you!” (49). The dawn reveals the bright-lit rise of the sun that shines upon the trolls, which transforms them into hard stone. Metaphorically, it shows the power of inherent goodness defeating the trolls that are of dark descent, as they thrive in the shadows. Dawn is the transition from night to morning; this shows the awakening of life that overwhelms the darkness. This shows how death is no longer upon many as they can rise from being put to sleep. Those that live and walk amongst the dead of night offer a reversal role where daytime is forcing them to slumber rather than reviving them. Gandalf acts as the savior from evil since he wields that power of light through using it to his advantage; this is expected of someone that is godly in nature. Gandalf’s power then symbolizes the belief of good cleansing the corrupt, as the trolls are reverted back into “the mountains they are made of” (50). This is showing that trolls are born without malice and become transformed into evil. The trolls are then saved through process of becoming one with nature where they become mountains symbolizing the salvation to being apart of a life of peace. The act where Gandalf announces the destruction of evil and salvation of the trolls exemplifies how he is characterized as a god. Likewise, divine beings harbor much wisdom to guide the hero on to a path of overthrowing darkness. However, it is a reoccurring process throughout the hero’s journey. In moments when corrupt enemies are threatening goodwill, the protagonist must be reminded of goodness found in...

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