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Analysis Of Children Internet Addiction

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To prevent Internet addiction, it is a parent’s responsibility to raise their child(ren) on limited or no technology because parents and their children will not bond, it creates development problems, and technology becomes an abnormal necessity in a child’s life. One of the most important things to a child in today’s modern world would be technology. To them, it’s like honey to bees. Things like phones, computers, Facebook, and I-pods are owned by almost everyone in the world. Why this and how this has become a problem is still being argued in all parts of the world. It’s obvious that something must be put in action or limits on the amount of technology we use everyday, should be enforced. It is true that technology has become a big part of society, but with its growth and development, people have started to forget morals, values and the old ways of life.

Parents should raise children themselves with limited technology because parents and children will not bond. Today, it is very common to see a mother or a father sit their child down in front a T.V. and leave them for a few hours. If it is not that, they give them an I-pad of I-pod to play games in. I find it deplorable that people find it acceptable for parents to leave a child on end for hours coming back only to feed them. The only way people can truly bond and make connections is by spending time with each other. Parents have the responsibility to watch and care for their child in a loving way without the use of 24/7 technologies. Smart parents who are looking to raise healthy children would take this into serious consideration. I could understand watching a kid’s show every once and a while, but T.V. and Apple is not the only one can raise children. Tao Ran, an addiction specialist, gave a talk to parents who children have gone to a therapy center for Internet addiction. In the talk he said and I quote, “Children usually fall to these addiction because they feel lonely. They are trying to fill that loneliness with something that will be there for them.” If families continue to develop like this, all parents will be to children are the people who provide for them and nothing more. Bonds need to be made to insure a successful, happy, and relatable childhood. If we put or technology above the love we can receive from having a family, what does that say about us?

Children should have limited technology because it can create...

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