Analysis Of Comics And Other Works Of Literature

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Day One (2/14): When I hear or see the word “comics” many words come to mind such as, news papers, books, children, Sundays, superhero and partners in crime. Before learning about comics, I would define “comics” as a narration of a story with pictures and captions in a certain order, that are often printed in a book or newspaper.
Day Two (2/17) After reading Understanding Comics and a class discussion, I changed my initial definition of “comics” to “a sequence of images and pictures intended to get a certain response from the reader”. I decided to change my definition because I felt that it was too narrow, and I applied others ideas into my new definition. From the beginning of Maus, the reader automatically feels bad for the characters, the first pages of the book shows Artie being bullied by his friends at a young age, and his father, Valdek, is not sympathetic towards his son. Through out the book, I felt really bad for Valdek, his new wife, and Artie because Valdek’s first wife, and Artie’s mother, Anja’s death is still affecting them years after. Nothing ever seemed to go right for the characters in Maus, whenever one good thing happened to them, there wasn’t much time in between for the characters to enjoy a happy moment, before something bad would happen, which again, made be really sad for the characters. One question I had about Maus, was why were the characters mice? After having a large group discussion, we figured out that the author, made the characters not human, because it allows you to think of the characters as not human, and possibly feel different emotions towards the characters since they are not human.
Day Three (2/19) I selected the scene from Maus where Valdek, Art’s father, is complaining about his second wife. (Maus. 135) Art suggests to Valdek that maybe he should see a therapist to help him sort out his problems, his father replies that he doesn’t want people to know his business. This part of Maus was very interesting to me, because, Valdek is sharing his story to his son, who turns his fathers story into a book, so Valdek not wanting to see a therapist because he doesn’t want people to know his business shows his stubbornness. In our small group discussion, I asked the other group members why they thought this was included in the story, and unanimously they agreed that it was to show how hard headed, and stubborn Valdek is. In class, we had one minute to write down our impressions of comics, now after reading Maus, I felt that I would not have been impacted as emotionally, if Maus, was just a story, not a comic, also I liked how the comic was laid out with words then pictures, because it was really easy to read. At the end of class, we tweeted one new thing we had learned about comics after reading Maus, I learned that the pictures in comics portray a lot of symbolism, therefore comics allows for a deeper and different way of reading a story.
Day Four (2/26) I really enjoyed reading the first two stories in A...

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