Analysis Of Common Foods

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Nutter Butter

Niacin is found in its natural form in fish, peanuts, yeast, and grains. In the milling process of grains, it is usually removed. The government’s action of trying to reduce niacin deficiency has led to the fortification of niacin in food. Fortification is an attempt to replenish the niacin lost in food processing. Niacin helps the energy from food reach the cells in the body. It’s important to the health of the live and production of hormones.
Partially Hydrogenated cottonseed oil
Partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil is oil that has been pressed from the kernel of the cotton seed. The oil then goes through the process of adding more hydrogen to the oil. Adding more hydrogen makes the oil have a higher boiling point and also helps to increase the shelf life of the oil. It is used for mayonnaise, salad dressing, shortening, and margarine for its neutral flavor and flavor stability. The oil is very high in saturated fat.
Soy lecithin
Soy lecithin is a natural stabilizer for emulsifying fats in processed foods. It is known to create a creamy texture in wet and dry blends and in dressings by solidifying the margarine or fat in the food. Lecithin is a group of yellow-brown fatty acids that come from plant and animals sources, which contains many important nutrients. Its fat properties are why it is used in various processed foods.
Vanillin is a natural part of vanilla and is the major component that makes up vanilla’s distinctive flavor. Vanilla that is grown naturally has thousands of chemicals that make up the scent of vanilla. Vanillin is a cheap alternative to vanilla which is expensive to grow and has low yields for the work and time it takes to produce it. The vanillin is produced synthetically which reduces cost without losing the vanilla flavoring.
Thiamine mononitrate
Thiamine mononitrate is added to food under government regulations on certain foods or to make health claims on the product. In the process of milling flour, essential nutrients are stripped from the wheat grain. Thiamine mononitrate is known as Vitamin B1 and is in the group of water soluble vitamins. Thiamine is used in the body to break down foods into usable energy for the body and is also important in the maintenance of the immune system.

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Soybean Meal
Soybean meal is the byproduct of grinding what material is left after the oil in the soybeans has been extracted for oil production. It makes for a good protein rich, highly digestible feedstuff for animals. It is used as a protein and carbohydrate source when developing rations for animals. Since most of the oil or fat is removed for oil production, soybean meal is fat-free.
Poultry By-Product Meal
Poultry by-product meal is made up of parts of the animal that are not acceptable for human consumption. It may include the head, feet, entrails, lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, liver, stomach, bones, and intestines. It makes for a high- quality feed due to its large...

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