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Analysis Of Compensation And Benefits

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In the business world today telecommuting has become one of the newest and fasting growing trends. Edward Jones, Microsoft, and IBM are just a few of the country's largest employers that have decided to take advantage of the benefits of telecommuting and harvest the savings in employee recruitment and retention cost. For example, IBM announced a savings of approximately $700 million in property cost in October of 2003. This happened after IBM allowed a quarter of its 320,000 employees to work from home (Walmesly). The advantages of telecommuting are numerous. For instance, waking up 20 or 30 minutes before reporting to work, and having the ability to start banging away at the computer at 8 a.m. instead of sitting in the morning traffic definitely has a great deal of appeal. However, telecommuting still has some issues to work out before it can be available to everyone. A recent case in New York City involving a claim for unemployment benefits is one example of how telecommuting requires the court system to apply unique rulings the this relatively new from of employment (Duff). This analysis will review the article "Telecommuters Face Own Set of Legal Issues," by Timothy Duff. This article discusses and describes the telecommuting court case, and how companies can avoid exposing themselves to the legal risk of this new trend. In this particular case, a New York company allowed an employee to telecommute form her home in Florida. The employer for whatever reason decided that her position should be held in New York and offered this employee the position in New York. The telecommuting along with the employment relationship ended when the employee decided not to accept the job offer and instead chose to file for unemployment in the state of New York. The claim was denied, and the legal battle began between the New York Company and the former employee. The end result and ruling of the highest court in New York decided...

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