Analysis Of Constructive Colonialism In Europe

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In a speech before the French Chamber of Deputies on March 28, 1884 Jules Ferry stated, “In order for a country to be great, she must show her influence throughout the world and carry everywhere she can her language, her customs, her flag, her arms, and her genius.” This quotation from Jules François Camille Ferry, a French statesman and republican, perfectly exemplifies the imperialistic views of the British, French, and German nations in the nineteenth century as well as early twentieth century. During this time period, Western Civilizations dominated the world and were able to conquer regions in Africa, the Middle East, and southern Asia. Moreover, the French, British, and German imperialistic efforts of their respective occupied areas in Africa and southern Asia had an overall positive impact on the countries themselves. First, one of Britain’s major imperialistic situations was in India, where the British were able to introduce much more modern technology, communication systems, and an increase in population as well as the standard of living. Secondly, the French occupied Vietnam and within this country the French increased Vietnam exports, helped support project financially, and also officialized a writing system. Lastly, German imperialistic efforts were mainly in Africa, such as Rwanda or the Togo, and the Germans helped with the education system and also with economic development by providing investments. Overall, the imperialistic efforts made by France, Germany, and Britain had a positive impact, but one of the first countries in Europe to spread out its empire to the world was Britain. These different colonization’s to the east were similar to the expansion into the New World in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
Thus, one of Britain’s first imperialistic endeavors started with the creation of the British East India Company, but in the new age of Imperialism the British control over India had a larger and more positive impact on the country. One of the major influences the British had on India was creation of new communication systems as well as transportation methods that helped India become industrialized. British colonization of India introduced telephones, improved and created paved roads, cars, trains, and postal networks. In addition, these improvements in India boosted the economy, the standard of living and helped create a flow of information and people through India, which helped connect India to the modern world. At the same time, the British provided the necessary funds to introduced a new and improved education system for India. In the English Education Act of 1835 the British reallocated 100,000 rupees from the East India Company “for the revival and promotion of literature and the encouragement of the learned natives of India, and for the introduction and promotion of a knowledge of the sciences among the inhabitants of the British territories.” Furthermore, the Education Act caused education to become much more...

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