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Analysis Of Creation Myths

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Living in the hustle and bustle of our own worlds, hardly do we step back and observe the surroundings and indulge in our innate curiosity of creation. Some of us might already hold a fervent belief of how the world came into existence, and this belief system is most likely related to one's religious or cultural background. Certain groups have their own interpretation of how creation came about and these stories are passed onto members or followers. For the rest of us who lack a strong affiliation to any belief system, we might not have our own developed explanation of creation. Because the creation of the universe has fascinated mankind for ages, creation stories are formulated in attempt ...view middle of the document...

His work also brought about day, night, the stars, the moon, and the sun. In the Hindu version, "The One" is the power that gave life. "The One breathe windlessly and self-sustaining. There was that One then, and there was no other... That One which came to be, enclosed in nothing, arose at last, born of the power of heat. Likewise, according the Hopi tradition, a powerful being gave rise to the universe. "But first, they say, there was only the Creator, Taiowa. All else was endless space...Then he, the infinite, conceived the finite."Many of these stories also involve scenes of battle or war to explain the beginning of the world. Through power struggles and the fight for justice and righteousness, the victor somehow brings forth life. In Mesopotamian Cosmogony, the war between Marduk and Tiamat resulted in the creation of the universe. "'Stand thou up, that I and thou meet in single combat!'... He released the arrow, it tore her belly, it cut through her insides, splitting the heart...HE split her like a shellfish into two parts: half of her he set up and ceiled it as sky, pulled down the bar and posted guards." The Norse tradition also describes fighting and killing as being a part of creation. "The...

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