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Analysis Of Cribb's Etiquette For A Wired World

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Robert Cribb in "Etiquette for a Wired World" explains the dependency on communication technology such as e-mail, call waiting, voice mail, cell phones, answering machines and chat lines. The new and advanced technology is making us less polite and more isolated. The ability for us to connect with people anywhere and anytime has made communication devices very popular. While communicating with e-mail, phones, pagers and other new technological devices we are starting to forget about proper communication etiquette. The etiquette for cell phone usage follows the same philosophy as all good manners - always be thoughtful of others and keep your surroundings in mind. Cell-phone etiquette is really just common courtesy. Most of us today have a cell phone. Many can't imagine not having a cell phone. Though, most of us complain about other cell phone users. We complain about other people talking to loud about personal things in public places. We complain when cell phones ring at the movies or class lectures. We complain about people driving too slow, and not paying attention to where they are going because they are talking on a cell phone. Whenever a new communications technology becomes popular, it changes the way our society works. Society needs to invent rules for the polite way to use the new devices. Our social etiquette, our rules of politeness for cell phones, is still developing. There are many things people with cell phone should take in consideration for proper communication etiquette. For example, while on the phone speak softly, you don't need...

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