Analysis Of Customer Service Management

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The experiment uses a hair salon sample survey to gain a deeper understanding of customer service. A thorough interpretation of the data set separating close and distant relationships provides insight into the problem of customer dissatisfaction in regards to employer/consumer relationships. The data is organized into several columns and separated by response. Respondents who are close are identified as “1”, while respondents who are distant are represented with “-1”. There are ratings from one to seven based on the following factors: “consider new”, “cut again”, “remain loyal”, “recommend”, “straightforward”, “open”, “don't want to know”, “wants feedback”, “honest”, “truthful”, “can’t tell”, “needs repair”, “fix relationship”, “guilty”, “intact”, “bad experience”, “bad job”, “pleasing”, “distressing”, “minor problem”, “major problem”, “concerned”, “satis_stylist”, “happy cut”, “meet need”, “friend”, “know well”, “important”, “intimate”, “close friend”, “regularly”, “general company”, “realistic”, “important cut”, “help person”, and “reflect”. Through a series of thirteen questions, the research firm explores the extent to which a customer’s distant or close relationship plays on how they react after a dissatisfying experience. After refreshing the experiment, the scenario changes but the survey questions remain the same. One scenario illustrates a scenario where you have a close relationship with the stylist, where you would consider this person a close friend, while the alterative situation presents relationship between stylists and client as more detached. Overall, this study is searching for the general outcome that occurs when the perceptions of hair stylists create when combined with a displeased client response. These outcomes can be largely categorized into results such as “loyalty”, “refer”, or “return”. Further analysis of these problems and opportunities, within hair salons, will provide insight to the overall service industry.

There are several groups of variables that the firm uses to analyze this problem. The two conditions within the case are close or not, represented as the first independent variable in the data set. The other variable was based on complaining, half of the respondents were forced to complain, while the other half were asked to fill out other information. The dependent, or responding variables, with the case can be categorized through various groups. The dependent variables can be defined in terms of attitude, self-awareness, expectation, finance, relationship, and retention. For example, there is a range of attitudes types that effects the response of clients that face disappoint with a service such as timid, compassionate, and confrontational. These variables help to define and structure the overlying research problem.
Dependent Variables
Attitudes span from timid, i.e. “This doesn’t look quite right. Can you touch it up a bit”, to compassionate, “Hi, I am really sorry but I am just not happy...

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