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As Divergent takes you into a breathtaking adventure you don't want to pause or even take a break to do something else. The city that the book is located in is dark, peculiar, and outside the ordinary. As the different buildings and people are surrounded by walls giving them limited access to the outside there are different factions which are like groups. The factions have different political opinions, opinions, ways of life, and life styles. There are five factions Amity, Candor, Erudite, Abnegation, and Dauntless each having a significance. Besides those five there are the factionless who are like the homeless, the ones who fail at trying, who don't succeed. When you are ...view middle of the document...

But Beatrice being suspicious and all decided to lie for her own good.
Beatrice finally awakened from the test and felt suspicious and frail. The instructor was behind her and elucidated to her that the test didn't go through like a normal person’s test would. Beatrice was startled not knowing what she meant. As the instructor kept explaining what went on Beatrice couldn't stop thinking about what could be amiss with her. It reached the end of the explaining and what came out of the instructor’s mouth then was appalling for Beatrice. Beatrice is divergent. “Divergence is extremely dangerous.” (Roth 23) says the instructor as she continues. When someone is Divergent it gives them the opportunity and capability to manipulate the simulation and get out of it. Divergence is rare among Beatrice’s community and it should stay reticent. All Beatrice’s information than needed to be taken out and put in manually into the computer so no one could find out and try to execute her. After the shocking news the instructor explained that Beatrice also got many options on what faction she would be able to choose from and that she needed to go home and get some rest to think about it.
Beatrice kept the secret from her family and needed to decide what she would choose. That night Beatrice thought hard. “It’s my choice now, no matter what the test says. Abnegation. Dauntless. Erudite. Divergent.”(Roth 23). The next day, the day of the ceremony Beatrice still was iffy about what she would end up choosing. Either to stay with her family and the abnegation or to leave them behind and start a new life. They get to the ceremony building and take a seat. It goes one by one. The choosing is simple. You get up on stage receive a knife cut yourself and drop your blood into the bowl of your choice. The bowls have different items symbolizing each faction. When it gets to Beatrice’s brothers turn he gets up on stage and chooses Erudite. The intelligent people just like him. Then its Beatrice’s turn her name is called she goes up on stage and receives the knife goes through the ritual and then before she knows it her hand is above Abnegation and Dauntless. Right at the peak moment when she is ready to put her hand above the Abnegation bowl to let her blood drip into it her hand move and coal sizzles and crackles. She is now Dauntless, she is now brave.
Beatrice was now on her way to the dauntless compound. She had jumped on a moving train and now has to jump off. She struggles with...

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