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Veronica Roth’s bestseller Divergent is the first book in her three part series about the world during a time when the government divides citizens up into five factions. Abnegation, Candor, Erudite, Amity, and Dauntless make up these factions and each one consists of different character traits that define it. Through the plot, characters, and themes, Roth tells a beautiful love story while keeping readers on the edge of their seat throughout the whole book.
Divergent takes place in modern day Chicago, but the world has completely changed and the government controls everything, including where people work, live, and how they act. The factions consist of people who each have a specific job, allowing all five factions to work together to make the community run smoothly. Abnegation is a faction devoted to selflessness, Amity to kindness, Dauntless to fearlessness, Erudite to intelligence, and ...view middle of the document...

Two of the main characters, Beatrice, later known as Tris, and Four, one of the Dauntless leaders, bring a romantic aspect to this suspenseful novel and keep readers interested in what will end up happening to them. They are both “divergent”, meaning that neither of them fit into one specific faction like everyone else. The government leaders look for divergent people and kill them when found because they are scared they might try to overthrow the government. This means that Tris and Four must work extremely hard to try and fit in in order to stay alive. Tris and Four also both came from Abnegation, but chose Dauntless and left their families behind. The two end up falling in love throughout training and trying to hide their secret, creating a beautiful and thrilling love story.
Finally, Divergent brings many themes to the readers’ minds. One theme is identity. This book shows people that they need to follow their hearts and not conform to how others want them to be if that is not who they are deep down inside. Tris trusts her gut and picks Dauntless instead of trying to please her family by staying in Abnegation for the rest of her life being unhappy. Another theme Divergent shows is selflessness and bravery. These are two qualities people can learn in order to make them a better person all around. Tris demonstrates selflessness by standing up for her friends and risking her life for her loved ones. She also demonstrates bravery by sticking up for all the people living in every faction when a war breaks out. These themes provide life lessons for the audience and show them how good character means more than having superficial items and personalities.
Veronica Roth’s thriller Divergent creates an adventurous plot, lovable characters, and important life themes in order to draw readers’ attention and keep them on the edge of their seat throughout the novel. This book would be a great addition to one’s reading list because it combines a love story with a thriller and shows the power of true love and selflessness.

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