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Analysis Of Domestic Abuse Response

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There are several individuals in our society who suffer from being neglected to being brutally beaten and even being financially deprived. In today’s society it is not uncommon to see the citizens of our country fall victim to domestic violence. While some people debate that this kind of behavior should not go on and is unacceptable, there are others who choose to stay out of it. Regardless of one’s point of view, it is obvious that there are people in our communities that are suffering from domestic violence and both our state and federal legislation have chosen to partake in this fight against domestic violence.
In today’s society there are a number of things that have resulted in the government’s need to get involved and make laws in order to help bring order and peace to communities. For instance, domestic violence has not only created the need for states to take action but the federal legislation as well. The Federal law pertains to everybody in the U.S. while the state legislative pertains to those of only the states that the laws were passed in. For example, someone who broke a federal law would have to suffer the consequences no matter if they are in Texas, New York, or Oregon.
There are a number of federal laws that have been created over the past decade or so in an attempt to combat several of crises. Domestic violence has been one of the many targets that the federal legislation has attempted to deter. For instance, one of these federal laws would be the Lautenberg amendment. The Lautenberg amendment which was added in 1968 basically means that anybody with previous domestic violence history is not allowed to touch a gun (, 2013). What this did for the people who were suffering from domestic violence was allow them feel safer knowing that the abuser could not have access to a weapon which could possibly be used to hurt her and as for the abuser, it showed them that severe consequence will follow those who chose to take part in this kind of activity. Even though the Lautenberg Amendment plays a huge part in adding a sense of secureness to victims of domestic violence it should not be the only law that should be focused on.
Another federal legislative action that was taken in order to combat this serious dilemma occurred in 1994. The Federal Violence Against Women Act, also known as the VAWA, was used in order to show that domestic violence was still a major problem and along with informing everyone, VAWA included provisions that would improve law enforcement, state court system responses to domestic violence and increase the number of prevention, intervention, and counseling programs (Trustees of Princeton University, 2013). This legislative act was one of the many responses that led to saving many lives that were undergoing domestic violence and neglect. The Violence Against Women Act did in fact play one of the most important roles in initiating the nationwide response against domestic violence and created a sense...

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