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Dona Barbara is a 1943 Mexican film directed by Fernando de Funters the film is based on Romulo Gallegos 1920 novel of the same name. While the film was produced in Mexico, the story takes place on Los Llanos de Aruca Vally Venezuela (Aruca Vally lowlands). Important natural resources themes enforced on this movie are the use of The Orinoco River as means of transportation and communication and the use of agrarian activities as the way to make a profit.
Doña Barbara a female caudillo, is the owner and ruler of El Miedo, a hacienda in Aruca Vally Venezuela as well the low lands surrounding the Orinoco river. Barbara is known as the man-devourer as she uses men to enrich herself and then disposes them, this was the case of Lorenzo Barquero a properly owner whom she marry to take possession of his land; and then left him to become an alcoholic. Doña Barbara is known and respected in the land she is said to be as fierce and strong as any man; along with her kinsmen and the corrupted authorizes she has been stealing cattle and land from Altamira a neighborhood hacienda. The climax of the story is reached when Santos Luzardo; a well manner lawyer and the rightful owner of Alatamira arrives to Aruca Vally to address Altamira’s mismanage and ongoing financial problems. The peones (working man) in Altamira do not believe Santos will be a match for Dona Barbara corrupted actions, however, as true llaneros they swear loyalty to their patron (boss). Barbara and Lorenzo had a daughter Marizela, who reminds Barbara of herself before she was raped. This is the reason why she has left the girl penniless living on a hut with her alcoholic father as punishments for not been strong like her. Upon his arrival Santos takes Lorenzo and his daughter to live with him in Altamira; there they fall madly in love. With the determination, of ruining Altamira as well as to have Santos Luzardo as a lover Doña Barbara engage on a series of witchcraft, which fail. On Lorenzo Barquro’s funeral, Barbara discovers her daughter is also in love with Luzardo; she is confronted with the option of killing Marizela or letting her daughter be happy. Full of remorse for all her wrong doing Dona Barbara decides to disappear leaving not only Luzardo but El Miedo to Marizela.
Doña Barbara is conceder of historical significance because it marks the end of an underdevelopment barbarous period in Venezuela’s llanos (low lands) and the begging of an era of development, a period in which not only social classes but economic and political structures flourish on the region. As De Fuentes puts it on...

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