Analysis Of Electromechanical Coupling Coefficient Of Surface Acoustic Wave Resonator

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A surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonators are widely used for frequency selection in mobile and wireless transmission systems [1]. SAW devices consist of piezoelectric substrate, interdigital transducers (IDT) and reflectors deposited on top of the substrate [2]. When voltage is applied at the electrodes, it generates electric fields, which produces piezoelectric strains propagating in both directions as shown in Fig. 1(b). Thus, surface acoustic waves are generated through inverse piezoelectric effect [3]. The fundamental resonance frequency is determined by velocity of the acoustic wave and the wavelength as shown in (1). Therefore, the design of the IDT is critical to determine the GHz resonance frequency as shown in Fig. 1.
Discrete SAW resonators suffer from lossy interfacing and consume large area [4]. In this work, SAW resonator was developed ZnO piezoelectric material on silicon [2] to enable integration of the SAW resonator with the integrated circuits. The resonator’s IDTs were formed using metal layers present in standard 0.35 μm CMOS process to realize a 1 GHz resonator. The important parameters that affect the performance of the SAW resonator are the electromechanical coupling coefficient, k2, high quality factor, Q and low insertion loss. This paper studies the effect of different ZnO piezoelectric thickness and different distance of input and output transducer, Lc to the electromechanical coupling coefficient of the SAW resonator. Finite element simulations of the ZnO SAW resonator were conducted using COMSOLTM. A 2D geometry of SAW resonator was drawn under the piezoelectric model. Two analyses were applied: eigen frequency analysis, frequency domain analysis. A harmonic excitation was applied as sinusoidal waveform of 5 V amplitude at input IDT to initiate acoustic wave that travel along the surface for mode deformation. Fig. 2 shows the surface acoustic wave deformation displacement for CMOS SAW resonator. Maximum displacement was generated at the resonance frequency of 1.025 GHz for SAW resonator as shown in Fig. 3(a). Fig. 3(b) illustrates the simulated series and parallel resonances frequencies of the SAW resonator. The electromechanical coupling coefficient can be defined in terms of relative separation between both series resonance (1.025 GHz) and parallel resonance (1.026 GHz) frequencies of the fundamental harmonics. Thus, the effective coupling coefficient can be...

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