Analysis Of Etisalat’s Telecommunication Service

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Etisalat is a telecommunication service provider, which is based in the U.A.E (United Arab Emirates). Service process, service people as well as resource utilization will be assessed in order to evaluate how they contribute to the particular service industry. A detailed analysis of the three components will be conducted in order to review the extent to which each segment individually is used in the telecommunication sector of the service industry. This will determine the efficient and effective use of Etisalat’s telecommunication sector as well as the use of service management and whether it aids in the success of the industry. Customers play a vital role, as it is important for Etisalat to satisfy their wants and needs (, 2012). Consumer’s decisions are valuable, especially when it comes to decision-making, as it is known that they are the ones affected by the outcome. By Etisalat using services management as an aid to reach goals and implement new strategies with the possible results of gaining competitive advantage over its competitors in the same service industry for example Du (, 2012). According to the outcome of the service that has been delivered in telecommunications of Etisalat, the application of the service components will be evaluated. The evaluation will contain how the components have been applied, has the application of the components lead to success as well as the restrictions of each.

Service Process
The term service process approach explains the method in which customers’ needs are satisfied with regard to the organizations strategic goals. This is interlinked with planning, organizing people, infrastructure, communication and the material components of a service in a manner to improve quality and the interaction between service provider and customers (, 2014). Its main purpose is to develop an understanding in accordance of the needs of customers and participants, to make the service user friendly, competitive and relevant to the customers (Johnston and Clark, 2005). The Etisalat service’s process has several activities involved for instance dealing with Prepaid/post paid phone connections, Billing information and services, as well as network services to assist the customers (Etisalat, 2014). These activities further on help in creating a mobile telecommunication service meeting the needs of the customer and the way in which they are associated overall forms the customer’s experience as a result (, 2014). The main factors of the experience include customer service provider and customer’s conversation, information clarity, delivery of service connection, as these are important in providing service to the customer.

The Etisalat process of service should be productively managed as customers rely heavily upon information given, the process of communicating accurate information in the organization and customer decide upon the fate of...

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