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Analysis Of Film Lawn Dogs

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Analysis of Film Lawn Dogs

The first thing we notice in the beginning of the film is that it is
dawn, and it is set in the suburbs. We are introduced to a small,
middle class village, where there are large houses with huge lawns
being watered with sprinklers. The lawns are neatly cut, to add
emphasis to the middle class neighbourhood and that the people living
there are quite wealthy, there is even a sense that the neighbours are
in competition with each other and are constantly trying to out-do
eachother. After a few minutes of the introduction to the
neighbourhood and the main characters, the audience is shown a gate
and a long country road leading out of the village. This eventually
leads to a bridge, which has a lake underneath it, in which the water
is quite dirty.

As it is dawn when the audience gets there first look into the
village, the lighting slowly becomes more high key, to give the true
effect of dawn. The sound adds to the effect because there is slow
beat country music in the background, to emphasise the fact that it is
only just morning, this non-diagetic music gradually becomes more up
beat as the scene becomes busier. There are also diagetic sounds to
add to the effect of dawn, these are nature sounds, such as birds
singing. Eventually the music stops when we are introduced to Devon
and the camera focuses on her and what she is doing. Devon is dressed
in a 'Young Rangers' uniform, which is neatly ironed and she goes out
into the village to sell her cookies that she has made. Devon also has
a well-spoken tone of voice, this shows that she has been brought up
correctly and has learnt to speak in the correct manner. This uniform
and her tone of voice emphasises her middle class background and when
compared with the other main character (Trent) it is significantly
different to his. Trent is wearing a cap with jeans and a sleeveless
shirt, which is covered in sweat, even without knowing his occupation
we can see that he is in a lower class to the people in the village.
He has a southern American accent, which is generally associated with
working class people.

The camera work and editing effectively give us a view of how the
filmmakers want us to see the characters and the neighbourhood. The
first set we see is a crane on the small neighbourhood to introduce us
to the houses, after this we are introduced to the main characters and
their families....

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