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Analysis Of Film Shakespeare In Love

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Analysis of film Shakespeare in Love

The film 'Shakespeare in Love' shows that even in the 21st century Elizabethan drama impacts its audience as it did in the 1500's. The film captured England and the important influence of Elizabeth I during the Renaissance period. Even though Queen Elizabeth didn't have a major role in the film, her characteristics were displayed through the main heroine, Lady Viola. Lady Viola and Elizabeth were both courageous, well-educated women of the upper class. Even though they were privileged in class, they were poor in love and acquired broken hearts for the good of the community. Elizabeth's personality was brought to life through Viola, illustrating the hardships aristocratic women endured trying to succeed in a man's world.

?The Renaissance brought with it a new way of thinking. It was thought men and women could do anything and be anything they wanted to be, that their education, and subjected to the classics, mathematics, and all other academic subjects of the day?(Women). Elizabeth received an elaborate education and ?it was thought essential that noble women were educated to a high standard.?(Woman). Elizabeth and Viola used their knowledge to be witty and quick in speech, especially when speaking with men. In ?Shakespeare in Love? Elizabeth makes a point to humiliate Lord Wessex when he takes Viola to the palace to ask for the Queen?s consent of their marriage. The Queen asks Viola what she loves and Viola responds, ?I love the theatre and I love poetry above all.?(Shakespeare). The Queen quickly replies ?Above Lord Essex?? then she addresses Lord Wessex ?when you can not find your wife, look for her in the playhouse.?(Shakespeare) Elizabeth knows that she is a woman trying to establish herself in a man?s world, so she makes a point to mock them to prove herself. Viola also uses her keen tongue against Lord Essex to keep her distance from him and display her own power. When Lord Essex approaches her at the ball he tells her he has spoken with her father. To show her disinterest she responds, ?So my lord I speak with him everyday.?(Shakespeare) Later on in the film when Viola?s father gives Lord Essex money for marrying Viola, she sees their transaction and says to Lord Wessex ?I see you are open for business so let?s to church.?(Shakespeare) She implies that she is marrying Lord Wessex clearly not for love, but as a business transaction for the sake of her father and in honor of the Queen?s orders. Through her speech she, like Elizabeth, establishes herself and shows her disregard for male authority.

Furthermore, Viola violates authority by dressing as a boy to be a player in the theatre. She wins the affection of her audience and peers with her outstanding performance as Romeo. Similarly, Elizabeth succeeds in her attempt to be a good ruler and meet the standards expected of a king. She too, is watched by her people and peers to see her performance as a woman...

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