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Analysis Of Financial Statement

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To determine Panorama’s financial positions, we need to use ratio analysis. There are four main categories we can use. They are liquidity, activity, profitability, and debt or financial leverage.

The first category Panorama needs to look at is liquidity. This is measured in three different ways. Working capital, current ratio and the acid-test ratio. Working capital can be described as a company’s current assets minus its current liabilities. Panorama’s working capital would be $833.89. The second is the current ratio in which we would find by taking a company’s assets divided by its current liabilities. In this case Panorama had current assets of $1808.89 and current liabilities of $975.00. A company’s current ratio is very important in determining its bill paying capacities. The third category, the acid-test ratio, is a good method to determine if a company will be able to meet their short-term financial obligations. Acid-test ratio is found by taking the company’s current assets minus inventories and dividing that by their current liabilities. Panorama had an acid-test ratio of 1.3, which indicates that it is a company with adequate liquidity. One thing to keep in mind when measuring liquidity would be to know what method of cost flow assumption was used, FIFO or LIFO. This would have an affect on the working capital and the current ratio so we will need to know this when comparing to other companies.

Activity measures are the other measures used in ration analysis. Turnover is used to determine the amount of sales generated from the average assets a company has. Two methods that would affect the asset turnover would be depreciation methods and the cost-flow assumptions. The higher the turnover, the better the company.

Profitability measures are used to...

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