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Analysis Of Flowers In The Attic By V.C. Andrews

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Analysis of Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews

Flowers in the attic that’s what four children thought of themselves. They were born so brightly colored, but fading duller as their long dreary nightmarish days, held prisoners of hope, and kept captive by greed.

The Dollengangers were a loving and happy family. Chris had meet Corrine when she was fourteen. After she turned eighteen they eloped. They had four beautiful children. They all had blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Christopher was the oldest. He was very bright for his age making straight A’s and wanted to become a doctor. Cathy, the next oldest was not as smart as Chris was, but she did well in school too. She dreamed of becoming a dancer. The twins were only four then. Their mother stayed home, and their father was a sales man who was gone most of the time. The children couldn’t wait till he came home always bringing them a gift. Then one day their father was killed in an auto accident, and that’s when the horror began.

After their dad was killed, their house was reposed. Corrine called her mother, who allowed them to come live with them. Corrine told the children how rich their grandparents were, and they would never need anything again. She told them their new home would be the grandest they ever lived in, but they would have to be locked up in one room till she won her fathers heart back.

When they arrived in the middle of the night, their grandmother was there to let them in. All four of the children were led up to a room they would share. The attic was attached to this room, and by the nexted morning, their grandmother and mother came to their room. She laid the rules down. She told them the were to quote the bible every day, be modest around each other, no looking at each other, no messes, and not to talk to her until she spoke to them first. Chris and Cathy were confused, so after their grandmother left Corrine explained all of it to them.

When she was young, eighteen, she eloped with their father who was actually her half uncle. Their dad was their grandfather’s brother. So she was wrote out of her father’s will. She told them she had to win her dads heart back to inherit the money, but he didn’t know about them. He said that if Corrine had children they would be the spawns of the devil. Corrine told the children they would only be locked up for a week to a month. Their grandfather was very ill and ready to die any day now.

As the days passed into months, Corrine would visit the children regular. She would bring them many gifts hoping to make up for them being locked away. Their grandmother would make inflict pain when the children didn’t follow rules. Cathy loved to dance, so one time after a shower she stood in front of a full-length mirror naked.Thinking that Chris and the twins were in the attic, she began to dance. Cathy’s grandmother can in and caught her, seeing Chris in...

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