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1: Camerajournalists in the Netherlands at the regional broadcasting stations
During the last ten years the camera journalist become more popular in the Netherlands. A camera journalist is a journalist working with a camera. That means that he or she is filming and taking an interview at the same time. A few years ago a reporter was in at least all the interview situations with a professional cameraman or woman.
In those past situations the reporter received a subject for an item that was directed and presented by an editor. Then he went with a cameraman on the road. In recent years, the camera journalist increasingly gaining in popularity. When he returned to the editorial he wrote an outline for his item and speaks the voiceover in. Subsequently he or she edited the material, sometimes with the help of an editor. In general camera journalist are using a different, more compact type camera then professional cameramen, that kind of camera’s well know as de DV camera’s are easier to handle and less complex in its working
Especially the regional journalism rises benefited from camera journalist. Regional broadcasting stations as RTV Oost en RTV Utrecht has in generally less money in comparing with the national television stations. When they implement camera journalist in their organisation are there less people necessary for making items. Another opportunity for them is producing more new items, because of the more efficient way of making items. Another advantage is the in regional coverage. When a camera journalist is travelling in his region for instance to his interview location or from his home to the office he is prepared to take action when something unpredictable is happening like accidents or an spontaneous demonstration.
2: Showing pictures of suspects on television or social media
In society is there is a growing debate about showing images of suspects of crimes on television and social media. Recently, the convicts of the so-called kopschoppers-case in Eindhoven has got a reduced punishment because of their privacy was violated. The criminal case was the nightlife violence in Eindhoven was youngsters early 2013 kicked a man several times in his head. At the regional and national television and at the social media as well were their pictures a...

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