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Analysis Of Frozen Food Market In The Us

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There are many low calorie microwavable food options available in the market today. With the rise in income people can afford an easier lifestyle therefore there has been a change in the cooking style of people. People now use microwaves in place of traditional cooking methods. With the rise in microwaves, the rise in the number of food items also occurred. With so many varieties and products available one can easily target upon a healthy choice of microwavable food. A low calorie food or a healthy option of food is one which comprises of a good source of protein along with having least 3 grams of fiber (for satiety), in addition to not more than 600 milligrams of sodium. (Zelman, (n.d.))
Some of the options are manufactured by Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice. Both of them are the competitors in the market of frozen foods. Lean Cuisine was started in 1981 and has since then grown its market in US, Canada and Australia. The company is owned by Nestle and offers variety of frozen foods and is a leading choice for low calorie food.
Healthy Choice, the product manufactured by ConAgra is another leading low calorie frozen food supplier. They are the biggest opponents to Lean Cuisine. The market segment is decided by three criteria’s which are Behavioral, Psychographic and Profile variables.
Behavioral variables are those that are sought from the product, and buying patterns like frequency and volume of purchase may be considered the fundamental basis.
Psychographic variables are used when purchasing behavior correlates with the personality or lifestyle of consumers. Consumers who hold varied personalities and lifestyle trends also become prejudiced towards certain products. Their choices are determined by their economic and social standing.
Profiling is not a very important criteria for market segmentation. After deciding upon the differences the markets also needs to decide upon the channel through which these are exhibited. Profile variables such as socio-economic group or geographic locations are very necessary in deciding the target audience.
In determining the market structure for food industry, one would firstly keep in mind the target audience. A clear study of the economic growth of the whole food industry is very important. There also needs to be a motive and objective for growth amongst the company itself.
The scale of operation needs to be decided upon i.e, whether the company is going to cater to local market, national or global market.
Economic study of the industry
The growth of the food industry in US also determined upon the 1 % population growth of the nation. Food industry is also associated to the population therefore an increase in population is bound to have an impact on sales in the food industry. When we determine the scope of market for frozen food we can also relate it to the sale of microwaves. Microwave sales are directly linked to the...

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