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Analysis Of Garbriel Garcia Marquez

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In the short story “ Artificial Roses” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Marquez explores guilt, and its relationship with the church, as well as in the family structure. In the story there are two main characters. Mina, a young woman, who makes a living by creating roses, out of paper and wires, and her blind grandmother. The first thing you learn about the pair is that they share a room. There is an obvious sense from Mina that she feels her personal space is invaded by her blind grandmother. As noted in the film old women are the ones who tell the stories, and have “magical powers.” But Mina is unaware of her grandmothers power of perception, and in the story Mina learns that her grandmother is quite aware of Mina’s actions. The story is essentially a battle of wits, and undeniable guilt, between the two.
The story starts with Mina waking up, possibly late, looking for long sleeves to wear to Mass. She soon learns that her grandmother had washed them the night before, but they were still wet, and Mina fears she will not make it to Mass without wet sleeves. There is a mention of Father Angel not giving her Communion with bare shoulders. Mina is quite upset with her grandmother, the blind woman warns her “It’s a sacrilege to take Communion when one is angry”. This seems to make Mina move faster, and she is out the door soon after, without even washing her face. This is the first interaction where “God” is mentioned, along with a sense of guilt that the grandmother puts upon Mina, after Mina had put guilt onto the grandmother for washing the sleeves.
Mina comes back home only fifteen minutes later, crying. The grandmother is blamed once again for Mina’s actions. Mina reacts to her grandmothers questions of the tears by saying “ You must go to confession because you made me miss the first-Friday Communion.” This shows the importance of the church in the family, but it also shows how unserious it is being taken. It should not be used as a threat, but it is, and is a commentary on how Gabriel Garcia Marquez feels about the church. From other stories by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, most noted “ A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”, he sees Church as something that is parasite ridden, and seems to have very little value, besides always being there, the way that the angel seemed to linger around for years, doing nothing. It is interesting in this story that it is used to make both Mina, and her grandmother feel guilty about their actions, which is a theme in Marquez’s writing, guilt about...

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