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Analysis Of Geometry Used In Film Production Mathematical Ideas 131 And California State University, Northridge Essay

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Khoury 5
Shadi Khoury
Professor Bagdasaryan
Mathematical Ideas 131
Group Number 3
14 December 2016
Geometry in Film Production Final Paper
From motion picture productions to box office movies, the film production industry has redefined movies in aspects of special effects, graphics, and photography. Films began in ordinary black and white images that moved consecutively. Over the years innovation has transformed these productions to colored cartoons and later overwhelming movies that transcend the imagination. But what innovative tools are used to capture Disney’s Mickey Mouse or showcase the end of the world in the movie, 2012? The answer is in fact, is math. Using the comparison between math and film production, we understand that geometry and its teachings became the groundwork for making movies. The connection is motion pictures use computer graphics and geometry to put a movie together. The geometric shapes formed from fractal or “Manderbolt” geometry create movies, assemble sets, initiate computer graphics, and allocate photography. Mathematics play a critical in the production of movies in the film industry using geometry to assemble shapes and scenes.
Computer graphics are used in movie production to add effects and put a movie together. To define, PC designs are illustrations made by using computers to control picture information. Improvements in graphics have profoundly affected many forms of media and have reformed activity, motion pictures, and the computer film industry. The book, Computer Graphics presents a momentum view into the investigation of computer representation. It includes PC illustrations and fractal geometry’s use in those illustrations through virtual reality. Using visual consideration in computer representation, films can manipulate the mind and form images in movies.
For instance, Davis provides evidence of fractal use in graphics, “In computer graphics, fractals can be applied in different fields: to compress the images using simple algorithms based on Iterated Function Systems, for modelling complex objects in computer graphics (e.g., mountains, trees and rivers) using L-systems and the fractional Brownian motion (Davis 175). Further, movies are composed of programming. These programs are put together in computers through the manipulation of images. In the end, the computer images are combined using fractal geometry in assembling films with the representation and understanding of data.
Various forms of geometry are significant in the completion of movies. However, the most essential is the branch of geometry known as fractal geometry. Also, known as “Manderbolt Geometry,” fractal geometry is firmly associated with PC methods. Two of the most essential properties of fractals are self-similarity and non-integer dimension. Self-similarity is defined as ordinarily shaping; and after each progression you will see a similar shape, which is normal for that specific fractal. As opposed to the non-integer dimension which...

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