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Analysis Of George A. Miller´S Chunking Research Study

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 Introduction
Since 1950s, the concept of chunking has continued to fascinate psychologists as it appears to have important operations of cognition in which offering guides to explore more about the fundamental cognitive processes of the brain. The concept of chunking was first introduced by Harvard psychologist, George A. Miller who studied the capabilities of human short term memory by conducting an experiment that resulted in the typical storage holding capacity for short-term memory is seven plus or minus two items. He also discovered that a process of coding information into larger chunks can significantly enhance the words one can remember and recall.
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All participants signed the consent form and at the end of the experiment, they were given debriefing form . The experiment intended at causing no harm to the participants; psychological and physiological harm at all times.

o Participant
The target population was selected to be 10th, 11th and 12th grade students at ACS Cobham International School in Surrey, United Kingdom. The target population used should not be young children and should not also be psychology students as they might already know about the study. The random sampling procedure was used to pick 20 random students within the target population. All students agreed to participate in the experiment and the division between genders was almost even; 12 females and 8 males.
The participants were divided into two experimental conditions; one group tested with the list of random words and one group tested with the list of related words

o Procedures
The experiment took different places for the two groups; the experimental group was done in a classroom environment and the control group was done in the library environment. The reason for this difference is that because it was quite challenging to find a class where the teacher was willing to spare his/her class time to be used for participating in an experiment.
Experimental group
1. The experiment for the experimental group took place in a classroom where possible disturbing factors such as noise were avoided.
2. Before the experiment started, all subjects had been informed about the nature of the research, the right to withdraw at any time, that their anonymities will be protected, that they would be debriefed at the end and asked to sign a consent form.
3. Each of the participants was given a blank paper to write the words they would recall later on.
4. A PowerPoint presentation was used in order to show the whole participants the list of words on the board and the participants were given two minutes to memorize as many words as they could.
5. After two minutes, the presentation was put off from the board and participants were told to write the words they could...

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