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Google’s Mission Statement:

"To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful."
How is the search engine industry changing?
The search engine industry is commonly known to have started in 1990 with the release of Archie, a tool used to search the (pre-web) Internet, allowing people to find specific files (Buganza, T., Valle, E.D. Search Computing. In The search engine Industry. Edited by Ceri. S & Brambilla. M.). As the evolution of search engines continued, the development of the most popular search engines today came about; Yahoo, Google, MSN and Bing. According to a recent study; Google remains the most used search engine in the world with an average of ...view middle of the document...

As more and more mobile devices with internet services are coming out, Google is pressurized in competing with Yahoo and Bing by trying to offer the different mobile devices the mobile search or Google applications. Mobile devices pose a challenge to Google and other search engines because advertising is not the same on mobile phones as it is on desktops or laptops. The smaller screens make it difficult to read adverts and place as many adverts as possible.
Another trend that has resulted in change in the search engine industry is the introduction of Google TV’s. Google TV is a smart TV that includes all the applications and features that any Google or Android phone offers. This enables users to perform the same actions on your desktop, mobile device and laptop; on your TV.
All of the above can be seen as bringing about major change to the industry in the next few years. Changes in technology can help the search engine industry to improve their efficiency and effectiveness of providing goods and services that appeal to customers.
What are the company’s key resource strengths and competitive capabilities? What competitive liabilities and resource weaknesses does it have? What opportunities exist? What threats to its continued success are present?
Strengths & Competitive Abilities
 Google is by far the most popular search engine in the world, receiving more than 200 million search enquiries per day. Google’s range of services and features make it a leader in the search market (Information on Google. Available from: (Accessed 12 April 2014).
 Advertising forms part of Google’s main business activities. Google has dominated online searching advertising with 79% of market share and 51% market share in overall mobile advertising. This contributes to Google being the leader in the search advertising market (Travlos, D. (20 October 2012). Worried about Google? Story Stronger for Long Term. Available from: (Accessed on 12 April 2014).
 A large percentage of customers in the market are aware of Google, which influences users to make use of Google’s search engine when requiring information. This means that users or consumers have a high brand awareness of the search engine.
 The variety of tools, features and programme’s offered by Google help businesses succeed on and off the web. This provides Google with a competitive advantage over its’ leading competitors; Yahoo, Bing and MSN.
 Google’s financial position is as strong as its products. Over the past few years, the company’s revenue has been growing by 20% or more and analysts predict the same pattern of growth in the next few years. This means that Google is financially stable, making it a company that is worthwhile to invest shares in (Hurley, D. (2012). Google: Large and Growing but still not evil. Available from:...

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