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Analysis Of Health Care Policy To Provide Healthier Schools

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Public health policy is a regulated legislative action taken to achieve health care goals within a society. It outlines the priorities with specific and attainable goals to improve the community’s health. This particular public health model chosen deals with nutrition and physical activity. It highlights statistics and outlines the goals that were taken in order to achieve a healthier school setting. This public health policy also provoked proactivity within the Los Angeles school system and motivated the superintendent and board of education to implement appropriate actions in order to present the students with healthier alternatives. An analysis of this policy will highlight the benefits, feasibility and implications in order to evaluate and determine its effectiveness.
According to the Center for Disease Control, childhood obesity has doubled in children and more than quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years (CDC, 2014). This alarming fact places emphasis on the importance of addressing childhood obesity, and the urgent approach to collectively involve as many sectors as possible to implement different strategies in order to manage the rampant increase in obesity. Physical activity along with the proper nutrition promotes the optimal growth and development of children (CDC, 2014). Schools are the primary settings for these public health strategies to address obesity and physical inactivity. Although there can be other sectors involved to also reduce the steady increase of childhood obesity, schools are a great place to start. Children spend the majority of their time in school, and the applications learned while attending school are what they will learn to practice throughout life. The Obesity Prevention Motion policy gives the superintendent direct guidelines to mend conditions and appoint staff capable of improving the options of healthier food along with instructional guides for physical education. The policy implemented by the Los Angeles City Board of Education covers several different areas of nutrition and physical activity. Broken down into eighteen points, the Los Angeles Unified School District Obesity Prevention Motion addresses several strategies to make strides towards providing an environment with healthier food choices and physical activity. The objectives in this policy emphasize the efforts to implement nutritional changes and physical education guidelines which will improve areas of nutrition, nutrition education and physical fitness.
Like with any policy, the first order of business addresses the possible benefits that will evolve from implementing it and the actions that should be taken in order to ensure its effectiveness. There are several benefits that should evolve from the policy set in place. One benefit is healthier food and drink options. These options allow children to make more sound decisions when choosing lunch menu options. There are nutrient standards placed on all food that includes no more than...

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