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The agency I chose to do is the Hillandale golf course, which is located in Durham North Carolina. The reason why I chose to do my project on Hillandale golf course because since the beginning of the semester I have been traveling over to the golf course twice a week for a class learning the rules and the way the game of golf is played. Hillandale golf course is named the “Granddaddy golf course of Durham/ Research Triangle golf”. Hillandale was donated to the Durham area back in 1911 through the philanthropic interests of long-time Durham resident John Sprunt Hill. Donald Ross and Perry Maxwell originally designed the course. Donald Ross had designed the first 9 holes and Perry Maxwell came up with the last 9 holes. Since 1960 over 1.7 million rounds of golf have been played that being an average of 45,000 yearly. This public golf course provides a challenge from each level of players in the game of golf. In 1960, the Hillandale Golf Course was moved to its current location in Durham and was redesigned by George Cobb, who is also the designer of the Surf Club in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

The Mission Statement for the golf course is “To maintain and operate Hillandale golf course, a public recreational facility, open for all area residents”. When I first started taking classes at the golf course they told us to that Hillandale was a place for everyone and they allowed everyone to come to the golf course and learn the game and they also would like to bring members in the community together, and for a long time the course has been a good way to bring people together in the area. The golf course is located in a good area close to a lot of houses and also close to Northgate mall. As I attended the course I noticed that older men attend the golf course than anything. I had been there a couple of times where actual pro golfers were teeing off, it was a great thing to see some of the best play and master the game. Not only is Hillandale a golf course but it is also a golf shop. In the golf shop they sell everything golf related, from irons to golf shoes to polo’s. The only thing I would say is wrong with the location of the golf course is the main road the golf course is on it is a busy road and cars are flowing through nonstop. I say this is not a good intersection because golfers actually have to cross the street to get to the other side of the course and it is difficult for the players to get across the street due to that road being so busy.

Hillandale has a great staff at the golf course. The staff there is willing to do anything to help a player get better. Hillandale also offer different type of classes and they call in some really good coaches with a lot of experience to come in and teach the class. Some of the different sections of classes they have are getting help with your putting or driving. They also show you how to keep your own score and they let you know all the ins and outs of golf. I noticed that playing the game of golf is a easy and...

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