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Analysis Of Hip Hop Dance And Reasons For Its Popularity

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Hip-hop dance is a popular and energetic dance genre, usually accompanied by hip-hop music. It has enjoyed popularity among young people all over the world. I have been interested in hip-hop music and dance for a long time. I can show my love for life and exercise my body by practicing hip-hop dance. Young people like hip-hop dance because they can invent their own moves. It offers young people a new way to express their own personalities and emotion. Hip-hop dance also shows that they feel good about life and that they are not afraid of problems. With a history of about 40 years, hip-hop dance first began in the 1970s in the US (Pabon, 1999). In early times, people in New York and Los Angles began to perform hip-hop dance. It was first popular among black young people. They used their legs, arms, heads and even shoulders to dance. In this essay, I will analyze the categories and history of Hip-hop dance and discuss the reasons for its popularity.

Hip-hop dance has a relatively long evolution history. It was created in the 1970s (Pabon). Many hip-hop dancers performed and practiced in outdoor venues to attract and encourage more people to join in. Energetic and freestyle hip-hop dance provided an opportunity for teenagers to express themselves and let out negative emotion instead of being involved in trouble for violence. Many films about hip-hop dance were produced in the 1980s, such as Beat Street, and Wild Style (Elflein). Then, hip-hop dance became commercialized with the production of a series of televisions shows including The Grind, StreetDance 3D and so on. The advent of the Internet offered a more convenient way to communicate and spread information. These films, television shows and the Internet help hip-hop dance find its way to Japan, China, Europe and other countries and territories. Hip-hop dance has gained popularity among young people almost from all over the world. The styles of hip-hop dance vary from region to region because local youth introduces many local cultural elements into hip-hop dance. However, the function is the same. Hip-hop dance plays an important role as an outlet for young people to express themselves.

There are two broad categories of Hip-hop dance: new school and old school. Old school of hip-hop dance contains several styles that were created in the 1970s and 1980s, including breaking, locking and popping (Bronner 3). The main element of breaking dance is movements executed close to the ground. Breaking dance is a battle between several groups. Dancers use different movements, spins with heads, leg movements and arm movements. They dance to the rhythms of hip-hop music. Generally speaking, breaking is more suitable for males because it is more masculine and fiercer. Although popping and locking dances look similar, there are many differences between them. In locking, dancers maintain a movement for a while. Main movements in locking contain lock, points, and rollover of the fist. Popping dance takes use...


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