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SWOT ANALYSIS, MARKET SEGMENTATION AND 7PS OF HMV.Introduction:The largest retail entertainment chain in Britain is HMV of its kind. What that mean is HMV is the leader in retail entertainment in Britain with over 150 retail stores within the country and more than 600 stores worldwide. Employing more than 13000 people it makes nearly 2 billion of revenue each year. HMV mainly specialises on music CDs and DVDs, books, games, gadgets, video games, movies, technology, fashion, magazine etc. Presently HMV is one of the largest retailers of music within UK and this achievement of theirs only seems to grow larger. Being awarded the best entertainment retailer of the year 2009 the business only seems to grow larger and larger every day.In this world of technology and scientific improvement every day, a company like HMV faces many difficulties like making changes to their company according to the technological changes in the outside world, illegal music downloading, keeping up with the employees' relationship etc. But to be a big company they will always have to deal with these difficulties.The report here is for the company HMV based in London and its branches worldwide. This report mainly presents the present condition of the company, its difficulties, and ways to eradicate these difficulties, company goals and how to achieve these goals. Basically it is a marketing report that reflects the marketing conditions, improvement required and how to carry on going forward.Where are we?This is the part where one would focus on before heading to any other parts to ensure the steps taken will bring positive impact within a company. As known HMV are one of the biggest retailers of entertainment within Britain and some other countries outside Britain for e.g. Canada, Ireland, and Singapore etc. But in this world of globalization one can never be ensured of its future status in the market. There is loads of competition going on in each of the business sectors, so a company like HMV which is already in a pole position should always make researches and find out new and good ways to always remain on top. There are weaknesses of each and every company along with strengths. So a company should look out for strengths and improve on them as required and find out weaknesses and try to get hold of them or more simply try to have no weaknesses at all. The strength and weaknesses are the internal factors that a company needs to look after. Similarly there are some external factors to look after to make sure of current situation of the company or to know "where are we?" The external factors are opportunities and threats. The opportunities are mainly the places where we can apply our strengths on. The can be opening new stores on different places, selling new different products, acquiring companies etc. As the opportunities are to be always looked after there are lots of threats as well which one need to look after. The threats mainly...

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