Analysis Of Hunters On The Linville River By William Frerichs College Art 101 Art Analysis

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The artwork Hunters on the Linville River was created by William Charles Anthony Frerichs. This artwork is located at the Greenville County Art Museum on the 4th floor. Frerichs created this fairly big work of art by using oil on canvas in 1860. The painting is very whimsical while still being very detailed. The use of color and strokes of the brushes is very evident to the reason why Frerichs wanted to do just this. He did a great job at capturing many different aspects of nature all in this one painting.
Hunters on the Linville River is such a powerful work of art. Because it shows movement, while also representing a pause in time. With the clouds moving, and waves crashing, it still captures the moment the hunters discovered it all. The painting is colorful, but not dramatic. The sparkle of sunlight on a tree that illuminates the river with crashing waves. Even though the sky is fairly dark, that one speck of light gives off enough to show the viewer the important parts of the artwork. With details on the waves and trees, the branches on the shore, it lacks detail in the hunters at the bottom. The hunters, while being the title, isn’t what the artist wanted us to focus on. He wanted us to capture the exact moment the hunters did. The beauty of nature, the simplicity, yet complex design of the outdoors.
In the foreground in this of artwork it includes variety. It has a variety of lines and shapes, color. Without this variety of lines, shapes, and colors, this painting wouldn’t be as big of a statement piece as it is without its variety. The artist did a great job at using all this variety. He used enough that still makes the painting detailed, yet he left out details in parts of the painting.
Everything in this painting is also proportioned correctly. This painting is meant to be naturalist. So the portioning of this painting is correct in its foreground. It expresses correct use of space and form of the objects in the painting. Of course everything else is going to be larger than the people from the angle of the work of art. When the artist used correct proportioning he made the painting look more realistic to his viewers.
Even though this work of art shows more emphasis on the middle of the picture it does open up to the rest of the bigger picture. It shows...

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