Analysis Of I Am, By John Clare

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Analysis of I Am, by John Clare

The poem 'I Am' by John Clare is written in the form ABABCC, except
for the first verse, which is ABABAB and it is written in iambic
pentameter. The structure of the three stanzas seems to be based on
time, the first stanza is what is happening, he is 'live' the second
is what is about to happen, what he is going 'into' and the third is
what he thinks or wants to happen, what "I long for". There is a great
use of punctuation, yet there are only two sentences, making the poem
seem continuous, troubled and searching and without definite closure.
The title of the poem is repeated four times in the first verse, but
then it is not written again at all. In fact, after the first stanza,
there are only five references to the writer. This suggests that the
fist stanza is the most personal the one that is based most strongly
on the writer. The 'I' from the poem is reflecting on his past, his
life, and what is going on around him, what his life has become.

The stanza seems to have a lost air, a feeling of being forgotten and
unwanted, "My friends forsake me like a memory lost". Love is
mentioned, but it is the throes of love, so John Clare does not still
seem to be in love, but in the shadows of love. The use of the phrase
'self-consumer of my woes' is a very interesting one, as means that
the pain that the writer is inflicted with is brought upon by himself,
and being a consumer, ha knows what he is doing. But yet he does not
seem happy, he is forgotten by his friends, uncared for, but still
alive, and still willing to carry on for something. There seems to be
something deeper that is lying under the surface that has not been
explained yet, that he possibly doesn't want to discuss yet.

In the second stanza, the imagery that started in the previous stanza
is carried on. We move from " vapours tossed", to "living sea", and

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