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Analysis Of Information Technology Protection

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According to the Business Dictionary, IT technology is defined as a; “Set of tools, processes, and methodologies (such as coding/programming, data communications, data conversion, storage and retrieval, systems analysis and design, systems control) and associated equipment employed to collect, process, and present information.” IT technology is the backbone of most companies today as it has many functions including storing important and potentially sensitive information. Therefore, it is important to properly protect your data. There are several ways to do that, and using a backup system is a common way to preserve company data. Cloud backup systems are a good way to ensure your data is safe from potential security breaches as well keeping it intact in disasters. There are several forms of cloud storage including pure cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. Public backup is strictly offsite storage and backup. There are some security concerns regarding this due to hosting companies having control over your data ("Public or Private Cloud: The Choice is Yours", n.d.). A private cloud is when information is held within the company in an internal cloud. The data is not held or hosted by another company, rather within the company itself. The main issue with this is the potential for data loss if a disaster hits.
Hybrid cloud storage is the best for companies that are worried about the security of their data as some of the data is kept on site within the company while the rest is kept offsite and secure (search cloud page). It also provides easy access to the data that is needed at the time and provides security for the data that is not currently in use. This can reduce data loss in case of a disaster and keep it secure. Therefore, I recommend hybrid cloud storage in order to keep our information safe. It is not the cheapest alternative, but it is the best one for our company.

Crisis Intervention
Crisis Intervention is a must when dealing with disasters of all magnitudes as disasters are known to cause trauma and distress in human beings. According to “Crisis intervention refers to the methods used to offer short term immediate help to individuals who have experienced an event that produces mental, physical, emotional and...

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