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Analysis Of Initiatives Of Healthcare Reform

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Over the last 5-10 years the healthcare system has begun reformation to increase safety, efficiency, cost reduction, increasing continuum of care, and increases in information technology (IT). There are many influences that are creating this need for change including laws, regulations, and the consumers of the healthcare system. The consumer is beginning to take charge of their health and become an advocate of their healthcare needs and plans of action. This transformation has created a greater need for the healthcare system to increase the use of health management information system (HMIS). HMIS is meant to help all departments within a healthcare organization, such as a hospital, to communicate easier creating a better care experience for both the care providers and consumers. These HMIS initiatives include systems such as computerized physician order entry (CPOE), electronic medical records (EMR), health information exchange (HIE), and other electronic systems. It is these initiatives that are reforming the healthcare system. However, there is not much information analyzing these new trending initiatives and how they will help or hurt the medical field. It is these systems that will be analyzed to determine the challenges they may have for the healthcare system, and the leadership of healthcare organizations.
Five Major Healthcare Initiatives
The healthcare system has been introduced to many new electronic systems that are meant to increase efficiency and safety of the system. These initiatives are EMR, CPOE, HIE, regional health information organizations (RHIO), and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Each of these initiatives plays a different role within the healthcare system; however, they all have the same goal of a better healthcare system. A goal of creating a system that can communicate between providers and facilities easily, allowing for a reduction in costs, duplications, and errors, as well as increasing access and the continuum of care for the consumers and their families.
Challenges Associated with each Initiative
Even the most well planned out strategy will have challenges that are associated with them. This statement is true for each initiative occurring in the healthcare system. One of the problems faced when changing a system or adding to a system is resistance by the end-users. This resistance can come from any level, including the leadership. This creates a need to make the leadership understand the reasons for the change and allow them to become a part of the change, allowing them to buy-in. This buy-in from leadership will help the employees to understand the reasons for the change. This will help to reduce resistance, but not completely get rid of it. This challenge will be seen by each of these initiatives; however, each of the initiatives will come with their own challenges.
One way to overcome the challenge of resistance is to get the buy-in from the leadership positions. First, the organization must have a...

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