Analysis Of Interviewing Skills, Listening Skills And Questioning Skills

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Communication is the most important tool to being a good health provider. This assignment analyses an interview between a student from Perth Institute of Business and Technology, who acts as a health care professional and another student who takes up the role of a patient. The areas of communication focused in this analysis are interviewing skills, listening skills and questioning skills. There are examples provided for each aspect followed by suggestions and recommendations for future practices. However, the information in this assignment is fictitious.

Analysis of interview
Interviewing is a procedure which recounts to a controlled situation in which one person asks a chain of questions to another person, relating to a specific field (Sommers-Flanagan and Sommers-Flanagan, 2008, p. 18). Interviewing skills are pivotal in making an interview more effective, as it is an overall judgement of candidate’s capabilities (Interviewing skills, 2002, p. 8). The process of Interviewing is divided into five phases i.e. Introduction, opening, body, closing, and termination (Sommers-Flanagan and Sommers-Flanagan, 2008, p. 144). According to Sommers-Flanagan and Sommers-Flanagan (2008, p. 145-154), introduction also named “initiation”, is the initial phase in which the interviewer explains his role, confidentiality policy, rules and regulations, and the purpose of the meeting. Also a person is put at ease and a short informal talk, develops a therapeutical relationship. Then the opening commences with the first question which is more about the person’s current concern (Sommers-Flanagan and Sommers-Flanagan, 2008, p. 154-160). The body or “exploration” phase is the main section of interview as major information regarding the client is explored and feelings of the person are managed (Sommers-Flanagan and Sommers-Flanagan, 2008, p. 160-164). As per Sommers-Flanagan and Sommers-Flanagan (2008, p. 164-171), a brief summary of the concerns, a closing statement, and reassurance of the support are the few components of closing and termination. Throughout the interview a range of open, closed, and reflective questions are used (Yeung, 2008, p.19-23). Whereas the use of leading, multiple, hypothetical, and double barrelled questions should be minimised (Yeung, 2008, p.42-58).
An interview was conducted between a nurse and a job applicant on 13th April 2011, to explore the applicant’s past medical history and activities of daily living. The nurse commenced by sharing his role and purpose of the meeting, but few aspects were not touched like confidentiality and information handling. Immediately after explain her role, the nurse started exploring. The nurse said, “......then I will ask you some personal questions about you and your health ........ So let’s start with your name?” (7:70 mins)

The basic structure of the interviewing was used throughout, except in the initiations phase. Rather than being informative, initiation was very...

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