Analysis Of Islam Din And Sikhism

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Islam is a religion expressed by the Quran, a religious book read by its followers and believed to be the literal words of the single God, Allah. Founded by Muhammad, the purpose of Islam is to live according to Sharia, with the ultimate goal of Islam Din being to go to heaven, and to submit to God’s will. In order to achieve this end result there is a series of methods that are practiced; promoting Dhikr, remembering god, and submitting to God’s will. In terms of their methods, their place of worship, where some of their practices are held, is a mosque or masjid.

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Other notable Sikh practices are their recitation of God’s name as a mantra, and their meditation, which they believe, “cultivates mindfulness of God’s presence within oneself, all beings and all things.” The ultimate goal of Sikhism however is to love God unconditionally and have the best relationship possible with him. Sikhs also believe through “living a life of honest work, generosity, service, remembering God’s name, and meditation, a Sikh cultivates the virtues of truthfulness, kindness, humility, equanimity, and will achieve liberation from samsara.” This belief is essential to the way of life of Sikh’s.

Sikhism also has a notable structure of the four varnas that is in place that they follow. Khatri under the Kshatriya class is considered the warrior varna. The Brahmins, are considered the priest varna. The Shudra class consists of servants, farmers, or laborers usually, with the final cast being the Vaishya. Vaishya is the merchant varna. The ordering of the caste system is obviously the most important to them and starts off with the “highest” and most respected class and ends with the least. Brahmins are at the top followed by the Kshatriya, then the Vaishya, then Shudra, and then the untouchables. While the caste system may not...

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