Analysis Of Jack Johnson's Cookie Jar

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Analysis of Jack Johnson's Cookie Jar Jack Johnson’s song, “Cookie Jar” is a powerful influence to
challenge the beliefs and values of western society. The song is all
about blaming what you have done on someone else, hence the title
Cookie Jar. The title is “Cookie Jar” because of the old saying “Who
stole the cookie from the cookie jar, Who me, Yes you, No not me” this
means that we are always trying to find someone else to blame, rather
than ourselves, we try to find a scapegoat to get us out of the mess
that we have created. “Cookie Jar” challenges the beliefs and values
of western society because, in the song a young boy kills another
young child with a gun and he said that you cant blame him. His dad ,
the media man, the singer of the song and the maker of the movie, who
are all characters who’s jobs are their titles, movie maker, etc. all
say that they’re not to blame as well.

The narrative voice in “Cookie Jar” should be embarrassed to turn on
the TV, because it truly is embarrassing to see what people in a
western society now watch as entertainment and for gossip. In western
culture the media plays a big role in the values and attitudes of the
community, it explains to people what is currently happening and
people will always be gullible and believe everything they are told on
the TV, but Jack Johnson challenges this, by a part in his last stanza
in “Cookie Jar”, “It was magic at first, But it let everyone down, And
now this world is gonna hurt, You better turn it around, Turn it
around” These lyrics encourage and engage the views on Television in
its truths and values in society, the narrative voice here is telling
everyone how much of a let down it is, its not meant to be there for
teaching the world about violence and not taking the blame for
yourself. The repetition of “turn it around” makes the listeners think
about what should they do and what can they do to try to stop things
like children playing with guns, because the repetition makes the
listeners hear it more then once and therefore the will absorb it more
and remember it , so they can turn it around.

Jack Johnson is writing about how children are influenced by what they
see on TV. In this song the boy watches violent shows that have people
shooting each other with guns, the child now sees guns as something
you are able to use on people and kills another child. “Sure I pulled
the trigger but it needed to be done, Cause life’s been killing me
ever since it begun” this means that even the boy is blaming his
misdeeds on life, this challenges the beliefs of society because the
boy is saying life is bad...

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