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Analysis Of Keirsey Temperament Sorter

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After reviewing the results of my Keirsey Temperament Sorter, I found that a great deal of the on-line information and analysis of the group known as Idealists fit the way I perceive myself quite accurately. However, in order to more accurately draw from the conclusions asserted in the material, I decided to ask someone close to me to review the results. Having completed the questionnaire a second time with a more objective observer, the data once again categorized my temperament as Idealist; yet this time instead of my variant temperament being described as Champion, it was found to be Healer.The description of the idealist exhibits many of the qualities that I posses, and as such leads me to believe that the generalizations therein are reasonably valid. Phrases such as "credulous about the future and mythical about the past" are indicative of the way my mind operates. I do find myself to be an excellent listener, abstract in thought, intensely emotional, and as illustrated in the Healer portion of the material, "wishing to please their parents and siblings but not knowing quite how to do it, they often try to hide their differences." Certainly, a number of the negative traits I perceive within myself were mirrored such as my disdain for disciplined schedules, my ignorance towards the current surroundings, my tendency towards fear of voicing my real beliefs on an issue, and especially the double-edged sword of intense emotions.According to the analysis, I would be skilled at teaching, counseling, tutoring, or interpersonal integration. In my opinion, these are not generally the traits that I think of when I picture a financial analyst or...

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