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I’ve chosen to write about Kurt Cobain because his life really became difficult for him around the age of nine after his parents divorced and Kurt became seriously withdrawn. There are many changes that Kurt went through in his life and I found it very interesting.
Kurt’s parents divorced when he was nine. He lived with his father after the divorce. On weekends, he visited his mother and sister. When his father remarried, Kurt held resentments with his stepmother Jenny and her two children. One of the bright spots of this difficult time was a present he received from his uncle, a guitar. Kurt lost himself playing the guitar. He received some kind of solace in the midst of his unhappy living situation.
Alienated and angry, he believed that his father always took his stepmother’s side and favored her children and his half-brother. This was one of the factors that led to Kurt experimenting with drugs and he pushed himself farther away from his family. He became more isolated from his family and began going a different direction.
Sometime in 1982, Kurt left his father’s home and bounced from one relative’s home to another for several months. He then went to live with his mother and her boyfriend.
Kurt’s life changed again when he started listening to punk rock. He started hanging out with local punk bands and ended up befriending a member of one of the groups. His new friend introduced him to some other punk bands, such as the Sex Pistols and The Melvins. The Melivns often practiced in a space near drummer Dale Crover’s house. A lot of fans including Kurt went to the sessions to hang out and party. As high school progressed, he was doing more drinking and drugging. Kurt began fighting with his mother, who was also drinking a lot, and his struggles getting along with his stepfather increased.
Kurt spent much of 1984 and 1985 living in various places. He lived with friends when he could and slept in apartment building hallways and a hospital waiting room when he did not have any other place to go. Kurt returned to live with his father in Montesano. A few months later dropped out of high school, rejected his father's idea of joining the Navy and returned to live with his mother in Aberdeen. His mother put him out of the house after barely a month, and he crashed with various friends, spent most of his time reading at the library or loitering under the North Aberdeen Bridge. Kurt was arrested for spray painting buildings in town with some of his friends. His friends got away, but Kurt was caught and taken to the police station. He later received a fine and a suspended sentence for his actions. Several months later, Kurt started his first band, Fecal Matter. They recorded a few songs together at his aunt’s house, but they never played any gigs.
Kurt then forms a new band with a high-school friends Krist Novoselic and Steve Newman. They go through a series of name changes from Sell-out, to Ted Ed Fred, to Throat Oysters, to Pen Cap...

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