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Analysis Of La Perspective

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The Rococo period was a time of fete galante, which centered around figures having little to no action is works of art. This genre was very common during the Rococo period, since it was tailored to the aristocracy who were paying for these works of art. Fete galante creates a sense of intimacy not only with the figures in the paintings, but also with viewers seeing this painting. La Perspective exemplifies this sense of intimacy.
The figures in La Perspective seem to be set in a personal garden or a public park. Off in the center background lies an architectural element. The building looks classical in design, in that the artists incorporated columns that flow upwards into ...view middle of the document...

The figures are arranged in conjecture with the setting Watteau painted. The artists chose to display five couples, three children, and one dog. Watteau used various poses with half of the figures standing and the other half sitting to give depth and a sense of realism to this composition. On the far left, a man is gesturing towards the forest with the woman as if they are about to take a secluded walk away from the rest of the people stationed in this grove. Next to them, a couple sits on a slight incline, while the man sings ballads to the woman sitting next to him. They act as the brightest couple in the composition, and they almost immediately catch the viewer's eye. Slightly in the shadows, a man leans upon a half wall that is supporting a large potted plant. His figure pointing down draws the viewer's eye to the woman and child sitting at his feet, while the boy looks directly at the viewer. In the center midground, a couple walks away from the group. Behind them, a dog is trailing as a symbol of fidelity. To the right of the center, two children play on the ground lost in their activity to the rest of the world. Finally, on the far right of the composition, two figures lie deep within the shadows. They seem to melt into the foliage of the trees. The figures portrayed in the work of art are not really accomplishing anything. Watteau made this painting more relaxing by using the genre of fete galante, which incorporates aspects like an amorous festival painting.
Antoine Watteau's use of color differs from most Rococo works. Normally, the artist would use...

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