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Analysis Of Lauren Bush Lauren Presentation Intro To Communication 100 Essay

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Valerie Philco
Dr. Angell
Intro to Communications
October 17, 2017
A night with Lauren Bush Lauren
Lauren Bush Lauren was born on June 25th, 1984 in Texas. Lauren studied fashion design at Parsons the New School for Design as well as Central Martins College of Art and Design. Lauren finished her studies and graduated in Princeton University in 2006 having majored in anthropology. On October 10th, 2017 Lauren Bush gave a talk at Rollins College that I was very fortunate to attend. In the following paper I will address Lauren’s presentation regarding how engaging it was as well as the relevance of the presentation itself and lastly did she make a connection to more relevant areas and what I overall got from this presentation.
Strong and successful presenters know that what an audience sees in a presentation can make what you say have a stronger impact. One of the first things we pay attention to are visual’s, presentations are key in captivating our eyes since the start of the presentation to the last slide. Laurens first slides to me did not create an emotional connection; I believe that with the audience it might have. I believe the way she presented was meant to cause shock that would then follow to us the audience to care about an issue many of us cannot connect to. The issue and problem Lauren presented since the start of the presentation was “Hunger” she started her presentation by addressing how 795 million people suffer of hunger. She effectively portrayed the issue and shared a personal story to appeal to the pathos of many in the audience. However, my main critique to the presentation of the issue itself as well as the engagement goes to the images she decided to talk about and the story itself. The image she chooses was that of her holding a child who is starving, this image is strong and it conveys a lot of emotion however, in my opinion it is a similar method cigarette boxes use to relay a message it’s a shocking image and yes it will stay with me for 5 min until the image is gone. Personally, I cannot engage with one image.
Furthermore, Lauren gave a story about how when she was younger she had the opportunity to work with the UN and go to places such as Africa to help feed children although the story itself gave me intel on her life and the experiences that built up to what she has created today the story did not catch my attention the way she told it didn’t speak to me personally. I have lived in a third world country and have provided similar service to children and the story itself did not attract my attention or involve anyone. Lauren’s presentation had several positive aspects the way she can move around the stage and use her body language or the way she can let...

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