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Analysis Of Leadership Effectiveness

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The practices of a leader can have wide spread implications. They can impact individual stakeholders and the organization as a whole. Clark (2013) states that “you must be the role model you want others to grow into” (para. 9). A strong leader leads by example, is ethical, and earns the trust and respect of their followers. They are also conscientious of the impact they have on the world around them. They practice impeccable communication and learn to inspire others with a positive vision for the future. Clark (2014) describes leadership as the methods of influencing others to accomplish objectives in a collective manner in the direction of the organization's vision.
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Over time my willingness to serve diminished, job stress increased dramatically, and after a year I gladly resigned.
One of the biggest issues I saw during my time at Walmart was a store wide lack of morale and esprit de corps. Clark (2013) described morale as the “mental, emotional, and spiritual state of a person” while the phrase “esprit de corps means team spirit” (para. 10). Most of the people I worked with were very dissatisfied with their jobs. The only thing them kept them their was the extrinsic reward of a paycheck. Even that didn't help many individuals maintain their motivation and those that stuck around did just enough to keep their jobs. They did not excel because there was little incentive to do so. I attribute this primarily to our leaders' apathy, inconsistency and poor examples. Feuer (2013) stated that “communicating through one's actions can be very powerful” (para. 5). Most of our managers did not possess the character of strong leaders. They often behaved in negative ways that caused employees to behave poorly in response and ill will traveled quickly.
There was a lack of trust and respect between individuals and the organization as a whole. Trust as described by Robbins, DeCenzo, and Coulter (2013) is “the belief in the integrity, character ans ability of a leader” (p. 317). Many of us felt that the leaderships' behavior was unfair and rarely in the best interest of the employees. We were often asked to do unreasonable and sometimes questionable tasks if it saved money or pleased a customer. Managers often failed to follow through on their word and delivered mixed messages. Walmart has been an infamous spotlight in the media many times for their unethical practices. Class action lawsuits have occurred for such practices as refusing mandated break times and locking their overnight employees in the store to prevent theft. They have also seen a great deal of negative press on social media that has tarnished their reputation.
Their was little respect for leadership at the Walmart I worked for because we did not feel they respected us. Glover and Hannum (2008) explained that respect is one of the top factors in interpersonal success, especially in a globally connected society. Maintaining mutual respect in the workplace helps to establish strong leader-follower relationships. Robbins et al. (2013) explained that a person's relationships with their superiors is the number one predictor of job satisfaction and retention.
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