Analysis Of Lore And Cynddylan On A Tractor

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Ronald Stuart Thomas was a Welsh poet and Anglican Clergyman who lived from 1913 to 2000. He spent all of his life in small farming communities in isolated parts of Wales. He didn't care for the modern world, but instead believed in living a traditional life. After reading these two poems, it becomes apparent that R.S Thomas' views on the developing technological world and the traditional ways influenced his poetic work greatly. He was very concerned about the environment, and this idea is clearly stated in the poem Lore, especially were he says:

?What to do? Stay Green,
Never mind the machine,?

I think that these lines, clearer than any of the other lines in Lore or Cynddylan on a Tractor, sum up R.S Thomas' beliefs on the developing world.

The poem Lore, by R.S Thomas, is a conversation between two people, Job Davies and R.S Thomas. The name Job Davies has its own significance within the poem, the name ?Job? has specific importance within the Bible, where Job is a man whose faith is questioned by Satan and subsequently God tests his faith by killing his children, destroying his wealth and riddling him with agonisingly painful boils. All this is done to prove that Job truly believed in God. Once God was satisfied with Job?s faith in him, God returned his children and multiplied his former wealth. I think that R.S Thomas chose this name to symbolise that the character had complete faith in what he believes in I.e. the traditional ways of life, staying as close to the environment as possible. The name Davies was most likely chosen because it was a very common name at the time of the poem, and therefore portrays Job as the everyman. Which means that the people who would read the poem could relate to Job Davies and empathize with the way that he lived his life.

Throughout Lore, R.S Thomas sustains an air of praise and encouragement towards Job Davies for not renouncing the ways which have probably been passed down from father to son for many generations. I believe that the thinking behind the use of the traditional methods that R.S Thomas is so fond of is that if it has worked so well in the past, and has continued to work over the years, that there is really no need to think up new, easier methods, when the older methods are already so effective. Whereas with Cynddylan on a Tractor, R.S Thomas?s attitude is blatantly scornful and sardonic, mocking Cynddylan unmercifully about his need for technology to complete a task which can be done without it, for the entirety of the poem.

?Riding to work as a great man should,?

That line is particularly derisive towards Cynddylan?s reliance on his machinery, for R.S Thomas believes the job that it is convenient for can be done more efficiently, and have a less injurious effect on the environment, if he would only relinquish his lethargic ways, and re-embrace the time-honoured ways, that have served so many men in the past.

Lore means wisdom or spoken knowledge, I think that this was...

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